Me? An Aggressive Driver? Nooooo!

I learned how to drive in California.  When I was 16, I did the summer driver’s ed course with Mr. Crabtree (Rest in Peace, sir).  He was a taskmaster, kind of gruff, and a bit aggressive himself.  He was a terrific person and he lives on in the memories of thousands of students from my high school.

However, they say that your first will mark you for life.

My mother wasn’t an aggressive driver.  My father was, a bit, but not bad.  Mr. Crabtree, though.  Well, he was and he was my teacher.

*stands up* Hi, my name is Robin and I am an aggressive driver.

I truly didn’t realize how aggressive of a driver I am until I was riding with a friend of mine.  He’s a soldier and he’s been to Afghanistan at least 3 times.  He’s been blown up, shot at, and scared poopless.

He won’t ride with me.

He will not get in my car and ride with me.  We have plans to go to NYC this weekend and I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up to go to the train station.  His answer?  A very emphatic “NO!”

I learned to drive in California (bad drivers), then lived in South Carolina (worse drivers) and then moved to Italy (worst drivers).  Oh, and I live in New Jersey – where the horrible drivers all move to.  I don’t want to be on the road surrounded by these idiots any longer than I have to.

I do tailgate, sometimes.  I speed, especially on the highway/freeway, but I always do flow of traffic.  I will flash my headlights at you if you are going to slowly in the left lane.

I don’t do this because I am an angry person.  I am actually quite happy.  I do this because stupid people populate the road and they all seem to drive cars.  They don’t pay attention to their surroundings.  They aren’t courteous.  They go way too slowly in the faster lanes, they don’t signal when they want to get over, they cut you off.

These are all things that I don’t do.

I may be aggressive in my driving, but at least I’m polite about it.  I don’t flip people off.  Well, I did in Italy, but they did it first.

I just want people to do the flow of traffic, change lanes with some sensibility, use the turn signals for their given purpose and, all around, just be smart about operating these machines.

I know what my car is capable of.  I know how fast it can go, how fast I can take a curve, how much room I need to do what I need to do with my car.  I also know that my car is in very tip top condition because I keep it that way.

In short, I don’t drive beyond my talent or my car’s capabilities.

That said,  if you’re ever up my way and can’t afford Six Flags, just hop into my little Accord. I’ll take you on the New Jersey Turnpike and give you a ride that neither you, nor your shorts, will ever forget. 

Happy Driving!



17 thoughts on “Me? An Aggressive Driver? Nooooo!

  1. I’ll drive to New York with you. I grew up in sight of the Garden State parkway (exit 118) and I’m not afraid.

    Stupid drivers make me pro nuclear.



    • Woot! I was afraid that I turned all guys into jello with my driving, which is not my preferred method of turning guys into jello! LOL Stupid drivers are everywhere. I actually heard that the ones in Hawaii are some of the absolute worst!!!

  2. I owe my driving skills to Mr Crabtree….he was a superb driving instructor. He got mad at me one day in History class as I couldn’t concentrate due to just having gotten off antibiotics for a awful strep throat bought and lost my hearing in my left ear for a bit, happens sometimes. Until he pulled me aside to talk about it and found out what the issue was….and he gave me a copy of his notes to go with the outline on the board. Cool huh? I know I aced that section test for sure! lol.
    Anyhoo back on topic….I do owe him alot for teaching us how to drive and drive aggressively, Im not sure but I think there were a few comments on how not to drive like a pansy? lol I don’t know but I remember that was the best week of my summer
    Also, could you NOT send your bad drivers to Wyoming. Seriously if I run into one more I may go Thermo Nuclear. Turn Signals are not overrated, they are a tool, USE THEM or you become a tool man and woman alike. IF you are going to cut me off at least be going the speed limit BEFORE I ride your ass cause I will not pull your hair, but I will call you a asshole! And Finally if you are too small to control that jacked up Ford Truck that you put a ridiculous lift kit on….get a smaller vehicle. I do know how to drive my Kia a whole lot better than you drive any of the vehicles you may own…I was taught by the best!! lol

  3. I think that there are folks who know how to drive and those who should stay off the roads. You and I are in the first category. I don’t consider myself “aggressive” though. I consider myself a way above average driver. The rest of you, get out of the fast lane if you haven’t yet located the accelerator pedal.

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