A friend of mine was sexually assaulted this past weekend. No woman deserves that. My heart hurts for her, and yours should, too. Take a moment, read this. The statistics are horrifying.

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How many times have you heard about a woman being raped and thinking something like:

“Well, she shouldn’t have gone there with him.”

“Well, she shouldn’t have had that much to drink.”

“Well, can you blame him?  Look at how she was dressed!”

“Well, you know she’s a little easy.”

Let me just say this, as a woman and a friend to someone who was recently sexually assaulted:  NONE OF THESE ARE RAPABLE OFFENSES. 

No woman deserves to be raped, no matter what kind of lapse in judgement she has had. 

No matter how she dressed, she doesn’t deserve this horror. 

No matter what she said, she doesn’t deserve this hell.

No matter how much she drank, she doesn’t deserve this abuse.

No woman deserves to be so elementally violated by anyone. 

No woman deserves the emotional shattering it leaves behind.

No woman deserves the hardship of trying to pick…

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  1. Correction: no man, woman or child deserves that. In the last few months, there was a man on man rape reported to the Navy in Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

  2. I’m sure you’ve been thanked for your honour, courage and compassion, but I wanted to extend my gratitude for opening your home and yourself to someone in need. Blessed.

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