Reason to Rhyme

I am so behind on my fun stuff for my blog this week.  Why?  I haven’t particulary been doing anything.  Just that procrastination bone vibrating in my body, I guess!

Karen B. Nelson posted her Reason to Rhyme  prompt on Monday.  Here it is Friday and I’m just getting around to it!

Her prompts are fun and I like being able to explore new ways of writing and conveying ideas.  Sometimes, you just gotta try something different!

This week’s prompt was to take a day in history and write a poem contrasting the same day in the present.  Here’s mine:

February 3, 1959,

The day the music died

The plane went down

Voices of a generation were lost

The world stopped

People mourned

Tears were shed

The moment immortalized in song


Today, endless tributes would be given

Endless Tweets would be tweeted

Facebook would immortalize their passing

News programs would endlessly cycle

Their deaths coming every 15 minutes

Breaking news interrupting

All mention of war and poverty would be shoved aside

To remember people who sang for a living


Would love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions! Leave one below!

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