Ugh ~ One of those weeks

Thank goodness this week is almost over.  Yes, we’re only half way through, but I’m done with this week.  It has been one thing after another and it kinda stinks.

I haven’t felt much like writing.  I haven’t felt much like doing anything.  It’s been so hot and humid that it just sucks the life right out of you.

The only brightside to this week is that I’m guest blogging on Black Box Warnings tomorrow.  That’s pretty freaking awesome!  The blog is run by A Clown on Fire and I’m very excited and humbled that he allowed me to guest blog there.  You have to go check out both of these blogs as they are terrific!  I’ll post a link for tomorrow’s blog post here when it goes out.

Other than that one bright, shining moment of my week, it’s been very blah.  Very, very blah.

So, with that excitement announed, I seem to have no energy left.  I must leave you now and repose on my fainting couch and have my servant bring me a mint julep.

See?  The heat is so bad, I’m hallucinating.  Mint julep’s are nasty.  However, if they are served by a very hot young man with a 6 pack and only a loincloth, I bet I could choke it down. 🙂

Tata all…..happy Hump Day!


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