Yeah, we were loving the City! (PIC HEAVY)

Yesterday, I took my boys on their first New York City adventure.  My youngest had expressed an interest in going to the City to see Lady Liberty and, I think, he was jealous that I had been so many times this summer and hadn’t yet taken them.  So, I told them that I would take them the Sunday after they got back from their dad’s house (the kittens had a vet appointment on Saturday).

We woke up early on Sunday and headed out to the train station.  I wanted to get up to the City a little earlier than our 2:00 pm appointment time for the Statue.  Wanted to have some photo opps first 🙂

First train ride!

We made it to the train station just as the train for us was pulling into the station.  Good timing!  Got our tickets and we were away.

The train ride took about an hour and a half, giving me plenty of time to talk to the kiddos, to tell them the story about running into a spider’s web in my house (that’s another post and a story that had them cracking up) and to give them a basic safety briefing so that we would be good while we were in the City.

As safe as I feel up there by myself, it’s a different animal when you’re taking kids!

We got up to Penn Station in good time and walked 2 blocks up to the Empire State Building to take pics in the lobby.  It was crowded on the streets of the Big Apple, as it always is.  My youngest son had said on the train that he had already been to a big city (we took them to D.C. last year) and he was good to go.  This was stated with the utmost certainty that only young children can do.

They weren’t impressed with the amazing lobby

Yeah, he even admitted that it was way more crowded than D.C., and waaaayyyy bigger than he was expecting!

As you can see from the pic – they weren’t that impressed with the Empire State Building.  Maybe when they get older! 🙂

We went back to Penn Station and caught the subway down to Battery Park.  I knew we were going to get there about an hour and half before our reservations, but I didn’t want to be rushed.  I wasn’t sure what the lines would be like trying to get through security there.  It was, as usual, very crowded, but we were able to fly to the front of the line because we did have reservations once we finally presented ourselves.  Unfortunately, I was stuck behind some guy in the security line that obviously didn’t believe in deodorant.  Man, he was amazingly smelly.  I would have given anything for some Febreeze, but I don’t think it was an approved item going through security.

A ferry ride later and we were walking at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.  It was, as always, an amazing sight.  I enjoy going out there.  One day, I’ll stop at Ellis Island as well, but sans children.  Too much walking and reading for them to be entertained.  I did get some amazing photos though:

At the base of Lady Liberty

Yes, my youngest is something of a ham

On the boat leaving Liberty Island

We had eaten lunch on Liberty Island, as we were all three starving.  If you’re headed there in the near future, the food wasn’t horribly overpriced and it was pretty durn good.  I would recommend it if you’re there at lunch time.

When we got off the boat, there were some street performers there getting ready to do some dance moves.  But behind them, not with them, were a couple of guys just freestyling.  The boys were impressed with the moves:

The original plan was to go to the Museum of Natural History; however, as with any trip to NYC, you have to be flexible.  When we got off the boat back in the City, we would have only had an hour to go through the museum. So, I nixed that idea and we went straight to Times Square.

We stopped in at the Hershey store where I purchased a bucket full of goodness for myself:

Yes, that is a Hershey’s bucket full of mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups 🙂 I took it to work and the folks there were begging me to take it home!

Then, we went to the M&Ms store in Times Square.  The kids were thrilled with the idea of that much candy in one place.  They were especially impressed with the World’s Largest Wall of Chocolate:







We also availed ourselves of the wonderful photo booth they had there.  We had a good time taking these:

Then we went to the Lego store down in Rockefeller center. On the way there, we passed Radio City Music Hall.  More pictures! 😉

The fountains at the Center

That’s Radio City Music Hall in the background. The hams in the pic are my kids 🙂


The Lego store is super awesome.  They have a Lego dragon winding through the whole store, and a Lego Atlas holding up a Lego globe and a Lego Zeus.  You can build your own Lego men and they have a wall of Legos.  Seriously? My oldest was in heaven!!

A different view of the Wall of Legos

The Lego Dragon

Jeffrey got to build a few personalized Lego men of his own:

Jeffrey making his very own Lego people

And they posed in front of the Lego sign, made with little Lego people:

The sign is made from Lego people 🙂

We finished up the day by eating in Times Square (which they thought was totally awesome) and then we went out to see the City all lit up.  They were pretty impressed with how bright it was, even though it was fully night by that time:

We had a terrific day.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the City for the first time, again, through their eyes.  But, with all that we did, all the fun we had, the highlight of my day was seeing the Naked Cowboy in Times Square!

I hope you all had a terrific weekend and  I hope you enjoyed all of these pictures!

Till later, chickadees! 🙂