So, what’s new with you?

So much has happened since I posted in October.  I truly am sorry that I haven’t posted in 7 months.  Damn, that’s a long time!  So, let’s try to do this in a nut shell.

In October, I moved from my admin position to a Demobilization Assistant position.  Crazy hours and dealing directly with units made it very hard to post anything coherent.  Sandy happened on Halloween weekend.  The tree in my front yard came down and took out my landlord’s classic Mercedes and left us running on one leg, electricity wise, for two weeks.  Thank goodness for my friends that allowed us to show up once a day to shower and do laundry and make dinner.  They were awesome!  Fast forward to December 21 when my contract was cancelled and the 30 of us on the contract were told we were laid off.  Merry Christmas!  I got picked back up by the same company a week later. Happy New Year!  It was a horrible job and I’ll tell you more about that in another post.  Anyhoo, I got laid off from that position on 15 March.  I reconnected with an old high school friend, which was absolutely amazing!  He hasn’t changed a bit and I’m so glad he’s back in my life!  In the midst of all of this, I was trying to move to another place, which was a ton of drama as well.  I finally got moved in on Easter Weekend and the house is still a wreck cause I spent a week in D.C. goofing off for Spring Break.

That’s the high points in less than 10 seconds.  There’s more there, but it goes into another post.  In that time, I said goodbye to two friends due to their retirement and I’ll be saying goodbye to another at the end of next month.  Saying goodbye hurts and I’m tired of doing it.  I really need to get some civilian friends that don’t ever leave!

The boys are doing well.  Well, for the most part.  School is still a sticking point for my youngest, mostly cause he’s super lazy and it’s killing me.  They spent Spring Break with their father, which was good for all of us.

I hope that life has treated you well for the last 7 months.  I’m going to be trying to catch up on everyone’s posts, now that I have the time 🙂

Welcome back, everyone!  And for those of you that are new, Welcome!  I’m glad to have you here!


4 thoughts on “So, what’s new with you?

  1. It’s amazing how much can actually happen in such a short time span. I’m glad to hear you’re back on your feet again, at least for the meantime, and are probably able to find some humor in it all. It was once said that the person who can find humor in even the most troubled times in life has already won a small victory. Seems to me that you have that victory in the bag!

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