Don’t forget the good in the bad

This week has brought so many things that have shocked the world. From the bombings in Boston to the ricin tainted letters and the fire and explosion in West, Texas.

Is it any wonder that folks think the world is ending?

I, with the rest of nation and the world, have been praying for the families of the victims of the bombings and the explosion. How horrible it must have been for all of them. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

I sit here typing this while watching coverage of the manhunt for the second suspect in the Boston bombings. Excuse me for being a bit bloodthirsty, but I’m glad the first suspect was killed and I’m almost hoping that the second doesn’t make it out alive. I’m all for innocent until proven guilty, but shooting at the cops and launching explosives at them doesn’t really make me think that you were innocent.

Having said that, I will also say a prayer for the families of these men. I would like to think that they didn’t have any hand in shaping their opinions or actions. If that is the case, then they are also losing a son and brother. It doesn’t make their grieving any less because these two men did heinous things.

It’s easy to forget that as well.

And while the bombings in Boston were horrible, there were many amazing people that leapt to the aide of those injured. Those that run towards the trouble, rather than away, are heroes. Those marathoners that ran to the hospitals to donate blood are heroes as well. Those in Boston that opened their homes to marathoners and their families are heroes, too.

And this doesn’t just go for those in Boston. In Texas, in the wake of the horrible fertilizer plant fire and explosion, we learn that one of the dead is a fire chief from Dallas who went to West, Texas, on his day off to help the first responders there contain and control the fire. There were people in West that waded through water and debris of a demolished old folks home to help any survivors.

The worst can sometimes bring out the best in all of us.

With so many bad things happening, it’s hard to remember the good things. It’s hard to remembered that there are wonderful things that are going on in the world, too.

This week, New Zealand legalized marriage equality. What a wonderful thing!

There are two videos I want to share with you, from New Zealand, that show what happens when people recognize love in all of its forms. When people understand that everyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, skin color or religion, wants to have their love legitimized.

It’s beautiful.

The first is from a politician there talking about the arguments that he heard from many on the eve of the vote:

What a great way to respond to the naysayers.

But the one that will bring chills to your spine, the one that will bring a tear to your eye is below:

Everyone spontaneously bursts into a Maori love song.

And, with that song of love, I will leave you today. Spread the love. Spread the gratitude. Spread a smile.

Because the world isn’t ending. The world will go on. And we all have a chance to make it a better place with every small action we take.


One thought on “Don’t forget the good in the bad

  1. How well written. Such contradictions in the world from the savagery of evil people with no conscience about killing the innocent to the great acts of bravery you mention. I hope the second perpetrator survives to answer questions as to why they did this in Boston on such a day of celebration.
    Then I hope that the people of the US follow the lead of NZ and start recognizing the equality of marriage without distinction and help put a little more love in the world instead of allowing some of the bigoted rants I’ve heard against it.
    The world needs peace, it needs to work towards that end where no man is against another and the human race may survive a lot longer.
    Hugs. xxxx

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