Friday Fictioneers: The Bride

Oh, I haven’t done this in so long! It was like trying to ride a bike again after having not been on one for awhile. I’m excited to be back and part of this community again. It’s always a challenge, writing a story under 100 words, but one that is fun and exciting.

Here’s this week’s prompt:

Friday fictioneers 23 Jan 2014

And here’s my submission, 96 words short 🙂

She had been beautiful, vivacious, alive.

So many years ago, she’d had no choice. She’d had no say.

She had decided to make the most of the match with the man she had never met, the one that had paid her parents the most for her hand.

She watched as her mother adjusted her wedding dress by the fire every night for weeks.

She watched, but felt detached.

Now, all these years later, she was not that young woman.

Now, she adjusted her daughter’s wedding dress by the fire.

As her daughter watched.

Beautiful, vivacious, alive.


32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Bride

  1. Dear F.W.

    Welcome back.

    This is an intriguing and layered piece. You don’t tell us if the arranged marriage has been a happy one, you only tell us that the tradition has come full circle. Lovely.



  2. I actually read this a couple of times because my initial thought was how sad, but then rereading I took more from it, the fact her daughter is exactly as she was before marriage suggests to me that marriage did not break her completely if it had you would have expected the child to have picked up on it and for it to have made her morose as she watched her mother prepare for her wedding rather than remaining vivacious, what I finally took from it was possibly the sense of the circular nature of life and that each in their own moment does not really appreciate the bigger picture

  3. The circle of life. It seem that in many arranged marriages, the couple comes to love each other so perhaps that happened here and perhaps her daughter is marrying for love. Nicely structured.


  4. So life has come full circle-but for both her sake and for the daughter ,that this time the groom is of her daughter’s choosing and not someone who paid the most for her hand!A well spun tale:-)

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