Friday Fictioneers 31 January 2014

I had to work hard at this one. I didn’t have a story for the longest time, but it finally came to me. Not the happiest submission ever, but still.

Here’s the beautiful picture we had for inspiration:

Friday Fictioneers 30 Jan 14

And here’s what I came up with, about 9 words over 100:

Her daddy had worked here all his life, had told her stories of how her great-grandfather had built this business from the ground up, on the strength of his back, the precision in his hands and the morals that he taught her grandfather who had, in turn, taught her father. She grew up hearing all the stories of how her great-grandfather had made his life after he had been freed, after Sherman marched to the sea. She understood how that hard work had enabled her to be the first person in her family to graduate college. And she cried as the pieces of it were sold off at auction.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 31 January 2014

  1. This story was sad but realistic human interest. Well done. Life is often sad, but this story also offers hope for the woman who has a good education and can make her way more easily in the world because of the hard work of her family members.

    • Thanks!! I’m guessing, on a hunch, that it would be your great-great-great-grandfather at the very least. Although, for me, it could honestly be my great-grandfather, in theory. My grandfather was born in 1919 and is still kicking!!

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