the road is so dark
the destination unclear
I travel alone
Gloria Gaynor in my ear
“I will survive,” she says
and I will, I realize
the heart break and hurt that came before,
have nothing on the Loneliness that I have come to abhor
the all consuming voiceless quiet that fills my days
the words unsaid could fill a book of essays
but conversations are nowhere to be found
only silence abounds
the exchange of opinions, jokes, ideas
these are my dreams, desires, needs
to connect
to belong
to be a part of something
but until the day comes where I find myself a part of the human race
Gloria and I will put on a brave face
we will journey together down that dark, lonely road
and know, in our heart of hearts, that we are strong enough to shoulder our load
Loneliness is but a place we pass through
on our journey into the dark blue
because though the road is dark, it is never black
and when we pass through Loneliness, we will never look back
the past is the past, nothing there for us
ahead is our future, a glorious address
where we will find friendship, family and peace at last
and Loneliness will be found only in the past


4 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Oh Boy! Are you trying to make me cry woman?!that poem was beautiful, I just hate that it touches me the way it does.

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