A letter to Mrs. Baker

Dear Mrs. Baker*,

I doubt you will remember me over the thousands of students that you taught at your years of WUHS. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to write.

My senior year was memorable for many reasons. I had finally gathered my courage and tried out for the cheerleading team and made it. I had a date to Senior Prom and I had you for English.

Here it is, over 20 years since I graduated, and I still, immediately, give your name as the teacher that influenced me the most in my schooling. You pushed me to be a better writer, taught me to enjoy plays and American writers, and taught me more about life than any teacher I have ever had, before or since.

This past February, after a series of detours and two children, I started my graduate degree in education. My professor asked us to talk about the teacher that influenced our decision to become educators and I spoke about you. You are the reason I am struggling through graduate school as a single mother with two teenaged boys.

Because when I grow up, I want to be like you.

I want to spark curiosity in my students, give them a desire to question everything, the need to know more, read more, inquire more. I want them to learn from me what I learned from you: the world is a beautifully diverse and interesting place. Go out and experience it!

When I was going through my divorce a couple of years ago, I started a blog as a therapy to help me through what was becoming an increasingly bitter and hard time in my life. As I wrote my first few posts, I wondered if they would pass muster in your class. But whether they would have or not, I continued writing, knowing that the joy I found in using words to express myself had first been discovered under your tutelage.

You are the reason that I minored in English for my B.A. I wanted to have the opportunity to pass the knowledge I had gained from you to a new generation of students.

You were also the reason that I was well prepared for the rigors of college writing and the high expectations of my college instructors. In fact, I’ve never had an instructor as hard to please as you were.

I wanted to take this moment, as I work on a project preparing my first lesson plans, to thank you. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for the lessons you taught me all those years ago.

Thank you for being the most memorable teacher I ever had the joy of learning from.

Thank you.

This is the letter that I wrote to my high school English teacher today. I will be mailing it tomorrow. A huge thank you to S.F. for finding the address for me! I so appreciate it!

Mrs. Baker,

Here’s younger me and “oldish” me 🙂

Senior Year 1991

Senior Year 1991

This is me, 2014

This is me, 2014


Guest Blogging Opportunity

Alright, y’all.  If you want to drive a bit more traffic to your site, and help out a great blogger, you may be interested in this little link right here ———–> http://onlinedatingjournal.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/guest-blogging-contest/

Onlinedatingjournal is having to leave her blog for some major stuff that is going on in her life.  But, like all of us, she has put a lot of time and effort, heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears into her blog and she doesn’t want to shut it down.

So, she has decided to host some guest bloggers for the next few months.

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Yes, her blog is a bit racy, but you don’t have to be racy in your posts.  You can write about your relationships, your experiences.  It doesn’t have to be racy, just something from your heart.  Man or woman – come on over!!!

So, pop on over there and see if this is something you’d like to do. 

Hope some of y’all join in!

“They” said WHAT?

Coming back to work sucks after a vacation!

Just to reinforce the fact that it is a Monday morning, I got called into my boss’s office.

Whenever I get called into the boss’s office and she asks me to take a seat and close the door, you know it’s not going to be good.

This was no exception.

Someone has been spreading rumors.  Someone has been saying that I am screwing some of the soldiers I work with. Someone who doesn’t even work in the same building with me.

Not screwing one, not screwing two, but screwing “some.”

No specifics were given.  No proof was offered.  No names were named.

Except mine.

Now, I’m alright with a little gossip.  I’m new, I’m an unknown, I’m single and I (in my opinion) look alright.  I’m a little flirty, I’m definitely friendly and I have a way with people.  Oh, and the guys talk about my tits.  Yeah, that’s always a nice little piece of information to have….

But what the hell is wrong with people that they have to level an accusation like that? 

There are several reasons that I have a problem with this.  Let me ennumerate them for you:

1) My husband left me for an adulterous bitch.  Why would I do that to anyone else?  None of the soldiers I work with are single.

2) You have no proof.  Unless you have pictures of the proof in my “quivering mound of love pudding,” shut the hell up!

3) Who I screw is none of your business.

4) This accusation could cost me my job.

Yes, that last one is definitely the most serious of the bunch.  “Fraternization” with the soldiers could cost me my job.

Oh, and now I’m the talk of the office, and not in a good way.  In fact, one of my coworkers walked in and had a little discussion with my office mate about me in hushed tones.  How do I know it was about me?  Well, the words, “slut,” “fucking,” and my name all were a little loud.

Plus, I have good enough hearing that, as my mother always said, I can hear a fly fart.

Yeah, that fart would be preferrable to hearing myself referred to as a slut in the office.

I have a three mottos in life:

– “Life life full out and regret only the paths not taken.”

– “Leave no evidence.”

– “Don’t piss in your own pond.”

Now, the last two are especially appropriate to my sex life.  I don’t want to leave any evidence and I don’t piss in my own pond. Meaning, I don’t screw people in my circle of friends or from my job.

Yes, I have sex.  Yes, I have it with different people.  No, I don’t screw anyone that is married.  Period.  Which means that I’m not having sex with anyone at work.  Which means that I’m  not fraternizing.

So, kiss the hell off.

I have to have a meeting with my supervisor’s supervisor so that they can “double tap” the fact that I shouldn’t be screwing anyone at work.

I will be demanding proof and names.  I want to know who I was accused of screwing. 

That way I can figure out if I enjoyed this imaginary sex or not.

Cause this is bullshit.  If you don’t have enough of a life that you have to invade mine, then I’m going to at least have the satisfaction of knowing who my accuser is and who I, supposedly, had sex with.

I mean, if I had sex with someone, I hope they at least picked someone that was halfway decent looking.  It would be even worse if they accused me of having sex with one of the “handsomely challenged” folks I work with.

And if they want to manufacture stories, I’ll point them to WordPress where their fiction may be welcome.

Cause their fiction isn’t welcome in my life or my job.

UPDATEYou can find out about the aftermath of the afternoon meeting here ~

Well, what a nice ending to my day!

Today was a Monday in everything but name.  Work was hard, second job wasn’t much fun either.  Went to pick up the kids and got called some nasty names by a 12-year-old.  Was thoroughly pissed and pissy.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my blog and saw that Nowan Zen over at Meditative Mutterings had gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Thank you so much!

You need to go over to her blog now.  I’ll patiently wait.  Not going anywhere.  It’s a school night.  I’ll be here when you get back…..

Just gonna listen to some music.  Cause I know you’ll get lost in her mutterings….

Oh, you’re back?  How embarassing to be caught conducting this little virtual symphony…ahem…yes, the award….

How did you love her blog?  I mean, you can’t not love it!!  Thank you so much Nowan Zen for the award!  I really, really appreciate it!

Alright, as with most awards, there are rules.  Let’s see:

  • Write 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 creative bloggers for this award.

Wow, these are pretty easy.  Let’s see, 7 things about me….

1.  I really do love classical music.  In fact, one of my favorite channels on Sirius is Sirius/XM Pops.  Thank you, Dad, for instilling a love of music in me!

2.  I have vertigo so badly right now, it feels like I have bed spins.  And I didn’t even get the fun of being drunk first!!!

3.  I am 5’7″ and am kind of self-conscience of the fact that I’m the same height or taller than most of the guys I see.  In fact, honestly, (and this is horrible to say) I am drawn to men that are at least 4 inches taller than myself because I love wearing high heels out on a date 🙂

4. I cut off all of my hair in November.  I went from having hair that touched the middle of my back to having a cut that reminds a lot of people of Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair cut.  Someday I’ll post a pic of me with the short hair cut (I don’t have a good one…in fact, I only have one!) But, here’s a pic of me from before the hair cut:

The sweater I’m wearing there, I bought over 20 years ago and I love it.  It’s my “need to be wrapped in love” sweater 🙂

5.  I admit it – I read all three “50 Shades of Grey” books.  No, they weren’t that good.  Yeah, the sex scenes (in the first one, especially) were very hot!  I loaned it to a guy friend so that he could get ideas 🙂

6.  Sometimes I talk to myself for no other reason that to hear a voice.

7.  I love to take road trips.  It is my dream to go to Hawaii and Canada.  Before I die, I will walk to the Acropolis and I will see the Great Pyramids and I will stand in Red Square.  Obviously, the last three (and Hawaii) are not road trips, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Now on to the important stuff – nominating 7 amazing bloggers.

This is getting harder and harder to do because the blogosphere is so innundated with amazing writers that inspire me, make me laugh and make me cry.  I love reading all of the posts and a good portion of my day (when I should be working) is spent right here peeking into everyone’s life. 

So, here’s the list…..I know you will absolutely love everyone’s blog that I have here…..go check them out!

Dabutcha’s Blog – this is one I found, um, yesterday (I think) and I have already read so many of his posts.  They are pretty awesome.  You should go check this out! 🙂

You’ve Been Hooked – ever wonder what that bellhop over there is thinking?  Or anyone in the service industry?  Wonder no more!  Head on over and read the hilarious tales and observations….you won’t be sorry, but I’ll bet you’ll behave better next time you’re in a hotel!

Black Box Warnings/Le Clown on Fire – these are another couple of blogs that I found while blog hopping when I should have been working.  They are both written by Le Clown.  The Black Box Warnings blog is about his son’s trials with ADHD and the medication they are starting him on.  Le Clown on Fire is about his life and observations.  Always touching and very well written, I highly suggest you checking out both of these.

Making the Girl – yes, I nominated her for one last week, but this one is called the Kreativ Blogger award and Bee has some amazing poetry on her page.  I really admire the way she writes verse and can only hope, one day, to be as good as she is!

ironwoodwind – Amazing stories and posts.  I highly suggest this blog for pure reading pleasure!

The Couch – written by an amazingly talented woman, who I am lucky enough to call friend – she just started her blog, but I have already spewed soda laughing at her turn of phrase. I highly suggest this one!

Alright, y’all – read away!  And thank you again for the nom!!! 🙂