Sick kiddos don’t have any fun

So my oldest has been sick on and off since his first visitation with his father over President’s Day Weekend.  He and the youngest have bounced it back and forth to each other for the past few weeks.  But the oldest seems to not be able to shake it completely.

I finally took him to the after hours clinic that our hospital has set up.  We did this on Wednesday night and he got a diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection.  Fever, cough, congestion in his lungs all added up to him being put on amoxicillan, 400mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours, 1000 mg of Tylenol every 6 hours (alternating with the Ibuprofen) and on Mucinex DM.

Here it is Friday afternoon and he still has a raging fever.

So, off to the ER we will be going tonight.

Now, he’s enjoying the fact that he’s off school.  I’m hating the fact that he is getting this far behind in his schooling.  I also abhor the fact that he feels so bad. 

No mom likes when their children are sick.

But there’s this small part of me, the Bitter Bitch, who is complaining about the fact that the asshole doesn’t have to deal with any of this stuff.  Oh, no, he gets to go off to Virginia and have a good time with his little slut.  He doesn’t have to worry about sick kids or how they are feeling, he doesn’t have to deal with the havoc that their sickness wreaks on schedules or schoolwork.  Oh, no, he doesn’t have to do any of that.  Because he upped and moved because he wanted to with no thought to how that kind of move would affect the children.

It’s not pretty that I have these thoughts.  It’s pretty petty, though.  But there they are.  It pisses me off that the asshole hasn’t asked about his sick son in the last 36 hours.  Just goes to show how little consideration he has for his children.

Yet, and mark my words, if he has a crappy relationship with his son when he gets older it will all be my fault for “poisoning” him.

Sure, just like you getting a bad evaluation at work for your irresponsible actions was my fault, too.

I love my children.  I truly do.  I hate that the oldest is sick.  It rips my heart out to see him coughing so much he’s gagging.  I know he’s not sleeping well and that he’s dehydrated.  And then I have to leave him at home all alone while I work all day. 

That rips my heart out, too.

I call him periodically to make sure he takes the medication that I laid out (and labelled) for him.  I ask him how he’s doing.  He always says “fine,” even when he has to hold the phone away from  his mouth for a coughing fit.

This single mom thing is hard.  I know I’m lucky because they are older, but it’s hard having sick kids and no one there to hold their hand full time while they are sick. 

Not that the asshole would have done anything if he was still around.  But at least he could have sat with our son while he felt sick.

I may feel great because I’m working and I’m making my way in the world, but it comes with sacrifices.  Sacrifices that I haven’t had to make in the past 6 years because I was a stay-at-home mom whose children were her world. 

Guess we’re all having to make sacrifices for the best of the entire family.

Well, unless you’re an asshole, that is.


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